We, P.S. Moulding Industrial Co., Ltd, are the Polystyrene products manufacturer with high-grade material to ensure the consistency. With over 19 years of experience in moulding industry, we are able to deliver trust and quality to all of our customers.

Purpose is to encourage the use of plastic in productive harmless ways. We are here to drive the innovation to the world without deforestation and global warming. We are the first in Thailand to invent the polystyrene products to Thai market and drive the change of wood substitute products til today.
We operate 24/7 with skilled engineers and production team, we are more than capable to ensure that every piece of our products to our customers will be carefully checked and taken care of before they arrive to our customers. The product is meticulously built to make sure it can replace the wood without compromising appearance and quality.
     The products also have advantages over woods in several ways. First of all, it is 100% water resistance. It has no effect on appearance of the products and the quality. Secondly, since our products are not wood, there will be no termites issues. The product is easy to install since the products are not heavy and can be installed by using nail glue PL50. 
     Satisfaction of our customers is considered our number 1 priority. We only aim to make a good products that are not only beautiful but also environmental friendly. The world can be a better place if only we make it so.