Long-term solution for Global Warming

Long-term solution for Global Warming

             Global warming has been a huge problem in our society. It impacts both humans and environments in terms of climate that harm us and also other animal species. It’s just a matter of time where it gets worse as we’re ignoring the real problems in front of us.

There are several activities that caused the global warming, mostly from humans. One of the most common factor that affects the global warming is the usage of the plastic in such an inappropriate way. as we know that plastics are not able to dispose themselves in a short time. Therefore, we eliminate the plastic wastes by burning them. This caused the ozone layers in our planet to be leaked and allowed heats from the sun to come in but there’s no way out. There are several more factors that caused the global warming. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are also several things we can do to the world to resolve the problems without being irresponsible to ourselves and to the environments. We can encourage to use clean energy and save the waters and powers to begin with. We can also grow more trees to increase more oxygens and to reduce the deforestation. Moreover, We can also find other ways to eliminate the used plastic. Maybe we can try to reuse the plastic by recycling them. Since the plastics can take up to 100 years or more to be disposed. Maybe we can eliminate those unused trash by recycling them into something we can really use in practical ways. Nowadays, technology has been improving and serving their purpose for making the world a better place. We can reprocess the used plastics into several new products that we can really use, especially products that used to be made of woods. With the fact that it last longer than woods and it also decrease the deforestation.


Wood substitute products can be very effective yet efficient way for the solution. For example, we use the plastics that have been abandoned to reprocess to make new wood substitute products to eliminate the trash, at the same time we also eliminate the deforestation issue. We are the manufacturer who produce wood substitute products and we would like to encourage our products as a new solution. Our products can be beneficial in several areas of house decoration. We produce them to look just like wood, but better in quality without compromising the beauty of it. Our products is the alternative for house decoration, and we would like to encourage more people to see the benefits of using plastics in a productive way.